Friday, October 19, 2012

Infertility, Pregnancy & Confinement - Part 1


Setiap wanita Muslim yang sudah berkahwin, pasti merasakan dirinya mudah untuk mengandungkan zuriat suami tersayang. Kita yakin yang diri kita sihat dan tiada masalah yang serious, sebab... iyelah mana ada kita keluar masuk hospital, pengsan tiba-tiba, kebiasaannya ligat je setiap masa buat kerja. Mana kita ada masa juga nak buat full medical check-up before kahwin. Only few years back kerajaan wajibkan untuk buat ujian AIDS and Thalassemia. Basically, that's how we define diri kita sihat, betul tak?

Dari bulan ke bulan kita berdoa minta-mintalah period tak datang dengan harapan kita ni mengandung. Tiba-tiba, there you go! Spot on! Period lagi!....dan berterusan selama..... beberapa..... bulan....dan..... t   a    h  u   n..... :(

Sad, truly sad...nobody can coax our is broken into pieces...shattered... keep on broken... every month...

Then, we start to dig out the problems and finding solutions. We knock on the doors of every Gynea's in town, get consulted and undergo various of infertility treatments which are very very very tedious, tiring and the most stressful treatment you never want to go through (because we, the ladies are normally had the most treatment).  Worst, if you have to undergo an operation to remove cyst or fibroid. Take that culprit out first before you can get pregnant and you already had a knife on your tummy....and IT IS NOT A C-SECT, pfftt!

Why am I telling you this story? Because I was one of them. I did all the treatments, u name it - hormone pills, hormone injections (on the tummy every morning, same time), IUI - This treatment really put me down. A week after the treatment I was bed-ridden for 7 days because my ovaries bloated due to over stimulated eggs (I did hormone injections prior IUI). God knows how I suffered, I can't even moved and felt my legs, my body was like a paralized person, helpless. I cried and cried and cried for the longest time, telling myself and husband, if this is what Allah has written for me as a journey to have one of His angels in my arm, I am blessed to be the chosen one and I will fight for it.
After the IUI, I took some rest for a while. Let loose a bit, went for holidays, kept myself busy and basically I tried to de-stress. One fine day, my friend who had similar problem asked me to see Dr. Hamid Arshat. I agreed, set an appointment and got diagnosed. Rupa-rupanya, I have a 'buddy' inside my ovary that had been eating up my eggs (Dr. Hamid called it as a 'Terrorist'). That's why tak berlaku sebarang persenyawaan. We did an operation to remove dermoid cyst in my left ovary and after 3 months, I got the result I have always wanted... Alhamdulillah!


Okay, back to the main reason of this whole story, besides all the treatments I have gone through, I also did Acupuncture, traditional massage, and BioDEx (only took 1 complete set sebab malas dan tak suka sangat nak makan/minum herba-herba ni). Masa tu tak ada pun sesiapa yang introduce corset Premium Beautiful dan saya tak tahu apa-apa pun tentang Premium Beautiful. Andai kata waktu itu PB hadir ketika saya amat-amat memerlukannya, saya akan guna tanpa ragu-ragu. Kenapa?

Sebab....setelah bertungkus lumus, penat lelah jumpa beberapa specialist (sebelum saya bertemu Dr. Hamid) apa yang saya mau hanyalah treatment yang relaxing tidak menyusahkan dan membebankan saya. PB is just an amazing example of a walking treatment selepas saya buat IUI. Side effects from IUI and other fertility treatments adalah sangat banyak seperti sakit belakang, kegemukan (caused by hormone injections and pills), badan lenguh and bloated, muscle sores, pening dan STRESS! Dan saya melaluinya dengan doa dan tawakkal semoga segala kesukaran ini ada kemanisannya suatu hari nanti.

Pemakaian PB dalam soal ketidaksuburan ini bukanlah suatu noktah untuk anda tidak melakukan sebarang pemeriksaan dengan doktor pakar. Pemeriksaan awal itu WAJIB dan seandainya anda perlu menjalani rawatan susulan seperti pembedahan untuk buang cyst atau fibroid, WAJIB! 

PB adalah ikhtiar sampingan yang saya highly recommend untuk para wanita yang sedang mencuba dengan gigih untuk mendapatkan zuriat. Keistimewaan yang ada pada PB sedikit sebanyak dapat membantu mempercepatkan proses pemulihan badan kita dan seterusnya memberi peluang yang besar untuk hamil segera.

Saya amat-amat memahami perasaan anda, even our husbands pun kadang-kadang tak dapat mengisi kekosongan hati itu. Hanya Allah SWT tempat kita berdoa dan bercerita tentang lara hati dan kesedihan kita. DIA Maha Mengetahui dan DIA Maha Mendengar. Wallahualam!

 Liyana Noor Azmi


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