Monday, February 18, 2008


Introducing our new range of evening bag - FEA
Made from pure white silk and embellished with silver ribbon and sequins
(Fabrics selection is available. Price will be based on fabric and embellishment)
Size: 5" W x 7" T x 1.5"D
Price: MYR59.90

R E C A P # 2

Handmade key chain
Custom made and sponsored for
Malaysia Hall Melbourne Gathering Alumni 2008
Made to Order
Material: 5mm thk tinted acrylic with inkjet sticker printing.
Price: MYR 15.00/unit

* R E C A P # 1

PADDED MESSAGE BOARD. A 'D.I.Y Project' featured in Wanita Hari Ini, TV3, 11 January 2008. The shooting was done at Javareka. Made to order.

Size: 2' x 4'

Material: Upholstery fabric, foam board and plywood backing.

Price: MYR109.00