Friday, February 27, 2009

Your Shopping Kaki

Second strike!

Again Akareka Design is proudly linked to one of the hottest review blog on Malaysian blogshops - Your Shopping Kaki . We are listed under 'Link - Accessories & Custom-made'.

A short intro of Your Shopping Kaki:

"Online shopping is wonderful, exhilarating, convenient, and above all - endless! Based in Malaysia, Your Shopping Kaki aspires to review the best deals and promotions she can spot amidst the vast possibilities of local online shopping.Drawing from personal experiences and recommendations, whether it's reviewing clothes, bags, shoes, books, accessories, or particular blogshops ... let YSK do the trawling for you! :)"

What are you waiting for? Hit it!

We have a reason to celebrate, don't we? ;p


S P O T T E D !

We've been spotted!!

One of Akareka Design's handmade stuff has been featured in

Go on and click, scroll a lil bit down and you'll find what's featured.

This cool site also featuring affordable, cute and funky stuff from other blogshop owners.

I'm so excited! Are you?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009


It's ready! It's ALYA the prayer bag cum prayer mat. Very suitable for all the muslimahs out there to keep their praying clothes (telekung) and it acts as a mini praying mat. The width and length is enough to sujud (lay your forehead on the padded texture). The paisley prints are vibrant and yet, another charming element is the crocheted keychain, and lovely laces, just to spice up the overall outlook.

These lovelies are ready to be handovered to a wonderful owner, kak Tina!

She measures:
15.5" width

11" height (when zipped)

22" height/length (when unzipped)

10" straps

zipper closure all around

Price: RM45.00

Stock: Made to order

p/s: ALYA can also be switched into a diaper bag (adding extra internal pockets) or baby changing mat. Creativity is the key!


As promised, these are parts of my fabric collections for making the fabulous bags. Fabrics are the most vital part in my business. Am very selective in choosing ones and most of the textiles were purchased internationally and some are from local stores. I have a great crush on unique prints and patterns and whenever I do my fabrics hunting I will always look for quality without compromising the funky looks. This is one of the criteria Akareka Design will always produce - Quality - Stylish - Practical - Functional...and so on.
So, if you want to order any bags, you may type in the number posted on each swatches. I will inform you earlier regarding the availability of it. More fabrics are coming in. I'm in the progress of fabrics hunting at the moment. I'll update soonest. Enjoy peeps!
p/s: for clearer view go to funkoolicious by akareka design

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

r h y m e

me and my dear friend kak syigim. i coaxed her to describe me whilst she is in her poetic mood. there goes the rhyme:

yana is pretty

yana is the new hype

she can sew plenty

bags of all type


cool, huh!

thanx heaps froggygigim!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mini Wallet + Cheque Book Cover

I had these stuff for 3 years already, a matching set of mini wallet for call cards, id cards, credit cards or even notes with a cheque book cover. Made with selected vinyl leather and the internal lining with cotton prints. Looks flashy and stylish whenever you signing off your cheque book or take out the cards out!
Price: RM15.oo - Mini Vinyl Wallet
RM35.00 - Cheque Book Cover
Stock: By order

Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm on leave

Salam, and good day peeps! I'm on medical leave, just had a mini lap and cystectomy operation on the 11th Feb. Production will discontinue for a while until I'm a bit stronger to hit the machine. My hands can still stitch simple handsewn stuff, though. Can't wait to get back to work. Please pray for my recovery and my hubby & I really hope this will be a great start for us to have a lil one. Thank you for your supports! Insya Allah.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


A friend of mine, Pyan once approached me to design a funky and stylish and functional camera strap. He's been eyeing for it for quite sometime and only now I have the space and time to do it. I realised the blossoming of photographers in Malaysia are very very rapid and incredibly intense. Most of them are very good espcially to all my dear good friends who are shooters themselves - (Weda, Hafiz, Jipie, Pyan and to name a few). So, here what I can offer to all the funky and creative photographers out there, that you can come out and shoot the masterpiece with a nice-kool-attractive-cosy strap on your neck.
Above pictures are the camera strap in cotton print and denim. It is a slot-in type. Size may vary for different type of cameras. It can be padded for extra comfort.
Price: RM 18.00
Stock: by order (soon I'll have ready stocks depending on the demand)
This is my first attempt. I need comments and feed back from those who are interested.
New designs will be coming out soon. Stay tune!

Monday, February 02, 2009


Meet Omera. She's big-chubby-vibrant-happy and funky! This is my latest creation and a new member of funkoolicious collections. I seriously in need of a huge bag where I can throw every 'rubbish' inside. To many women, huge bags are necessary. My bags are never light, always heavy and heavier. God knows what's inside... am also being very generous to provide two compartments / pockets inside the bag, one is for mobile phones (nowadays, people have more than one) and another is with zipper for your important stuff such as keys, or notes. Nway, hope this latest design will catch your fancy. Omera is made of 100% crispy cotton prints and a piece of Sheridan remnant I bought long time ago in Melbourne. Strengthen with interfacing for sturdiness.

She measures :
Upper width 18"
Bottom width 12"
Depth 12"
Strap 22" corded rouleaux
Closure 14" zipper

You can highlight the bag with your favourite scarves or ribbons. Surely a head turn when you walk around the town!

Price: RM180.00
Stock: by order
Extra embellishment / notions (crochet brooch, ribbons, buttons, pockets and magnetic clasp):
+ RM5.00 and above


Layla is back again, measures 11.5" width x 7" tall. Strap is 25" length. The front bit is embroidered with 'funkoolicious' and hearts pattern. Fairly small, in terms of the capacity but definitely can stash in your handphone, cards and notes.
Price: RM35.00
Stock: 2

Extra embellishment / notions (crochet brooch, ribbons, buttons, pockets and magnetic clasp):
+ RM5.00 and above