Monday, July 02, 2007

M for M I K A E L

This is Mikel's 1st birthday prezzie from Mak Ngah + Pak Ngah (that's what he called me & hubby)

This is Mikel, cleaning up my studio during his visit last week.

This is my little-man posing for the shot after cleaning up the studio. He managed to scattered the paper clips and used sardine cans all around the place. Missed the shot!


from swatches....(notice that Double X container? superb multvitamin to boost your energy!)


Just recently, my client asked me to make this colourful OSKA POUCH. My first-ever patchwork project...hmm seemed quite nice...and I thought of having one as well. Just need to find the time again to do my own stuff. Business is doing very well, projects are pouring in, but you know when it is a one-man-show kinda business you really struggling to keep up with the deadlines. Thank God that I have people around me to help me thru! Keep it comin, baby!