Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pillow Willow

Besides our cooooolllll and funky handbags and purses, we also do homeware collections such as pillow covers, inner (white pillow without cover), curtains, table runner, place mat, upholstery, soft furnishings, stationery, weddings (click to go to my previous post about this) and to name a few. Customers are able to choose various type of prints available in the online store {you can fine the swatches in here} . Yours truly is gathering more faboulous prints for our beloved customers, bear with us okay! The price range for the pillow is within RM15.00 and above depending on the type of fabrics and sizes. Whatever related questions you have in mind, please email me or leave comments. Bye now! Salam...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Weda Pouch

Freshly stitched, Weda Pouch is back again to organised your scattered cosmetics. Click here for further descriptions about the pouch.

Price: RM45.00
Stock: 1 (available: big blue polka dots)
Extra embellishment / notions (crochet brooch, ribbons, buttons, pockets and magnetic clasp):
+ RM5.00 and above

Friday, January 16, 2009

Place Mat

Place Mat is made of acrylic or perspex. Designed with gold vinyl sticker in leaves pattern. The surface is clear-flat for easy cleaning and dirt-resistant. Spills can be wiped off with a little bit soap water spray and a damp cloth.

Comes in set of six, measured 12" height x 16.5" width. It will definitely gives a classy and dramatic look on your dining table.

Not for sale at the moment. I just want to hear comments and feed back from you. I am still in the midst of researching and developing various shapes and patterns. Care to comment?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rose Clutch

I'm Rose, a new member of 'funkoolicious' by liyana noor azmi collection for 2009. I measure 10.5" width x 5.5" height. I am made of pretty rose upholstery fabric together with red tafetta lining. Looks simply gorgeous and classy. My inner strength is ironed with interfacing or fusible webbing, to gimme extra sturdy when I'm unload. I got two cute buttons on my flap, that is optional. Magnetic clasp for closure and inner pocket. Like me?

Price: RM45.00
Stock: 1
Extra embellishment / notions (crochet brooch, ribbons, buttons, pockets and magnetic clasp):
+ RM5.00 and above

Text Color
* Credit to Miss B for modelling the collections.

Swit Swing

Swit Swing is back! She measures 12" height x 10.5" width, comes with double and single strap. Stitched in beautiful cotton fabrics and plain cotton lining. No closure, simply unfastened. She can definitely hold your important belongings such as wallet, cellphone, coin purse, small note book, cosmetics, and such. Just don't overdose her!
Price: RM35.00
Stock: 2
Extra embellishment / notions (crochet brooch, ribbons, buttons, pockets and magnetic clasp):
+ RM5.00 and above

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Akareka Design Returns!

Hi everyone!

To the faithfull readers - thank you for keep on visiting this blog eventhough there was nothing new, praying it would be updated.

'just-click-this-page' surfer - welcome to my blog cum shoplog.

Last two years were quite hectic for me, juggling with new ventures and experiences, therefore I was like abandoning or to be more precise, ignoring the existance of this blog for a while. I couldn't commit myself to constantly updating this blog. Just when I had the time to update it, something else MAJOR took me away from my initial intention. Nways, good to be here again. One of my 2009/1430 resolutions are to commit to my blog and productions of Akareka Design.

Insya Allah, this year would be a greater, blessfull and properous year for Akareka Design, Javareka Ad, my husband and I, my families, my friends and to you - the readers.
I'm back on my seat!