Tuesday, November 13, 2007


i'm back after months of nesting in another place. akareka is still alive and productive. only the speed is slightly slow. hangin' there!

Monday, July 02, 2007

M for M I K A E L

This is Mikel's 1st birthday prezzie from Mak Ngah + Pak Ngah (that's what he called me & hubby)

This is Mikel, cleaning up my studio during his visit last week.

This is my little-man posing for the shot after cleaning up the studio. He managed to scattered the paper clips and used sardine cans all around the place. Missed the shot!


from swatches....(notice that Double X container? superb multvitamin to boost your energy!)


Just recently, my client asked me to make this colourful OSKA POUCH. My first-ever patchwork project...hmm seemed quite nice...and I thought of having one as well. Just need to find the time again to do my own stuff. Business is doing very well, projects are pouring in, but you know when it is a one-man-show kinda business you really struggling to keep up with the deadlines. Thank God that I have people around me to help me thru! Keep it comin, baby!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

a s s o c i a t e

Based in Pandan Indah Industrial Park, Kuala Lumpur, Javareka Ad is our production associate specialised in large format printings (banner, bunting, billboard, indoor/outdoor signage,lightbox, stickers, etc) and civil engineering works. They are equipped with printing machine, sticker plotter and general equipments for the workshop. We work closely in every related projects towards one common goal - to succeed in the related discipline and gain the respect and recognitions anyway we can.
For further informations, please contact:
[ Sam - 019 . 620 . 1737 ]

Multi-Functions Couch

Bought new set of L-shape lounge sofa for the office. It comes together with the ottoman cum coffee table. In case if I work overtime, can just squeeze all parts together and spread the linen...voila!!!....you have a semi-queen size bed, very practical!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

It's Eita Clutch

These are Eita Clutches. They are freshly out from the machine and ready to meet their new owner, Ms Iema....my mutual friend since high school. I think she wants to give those to her mother as Mother's Day gift. Hmm...what do we do without mum? She's the wall for us to lean against, pillow / mattress for us to lay our body so comfortably, her cushiony shoulder is so broad for us to cry on, her wisdom words are so magical and somehow has a supernatural power, her pure clean face soothe our hectic and stressful days, her coarse hands are so soft when she touches our face and we find solace in her...my life is so blessed with 3 mums...my mama, mak (mother-in-law), and mak bibi (godmother). I am indebted with their love and kindness, long live to them and may Allah SWT bless them!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

miss N O N A

My dear friend Nona ordered this Teera Bag. She came to the studio yesterday night to pick up her order. It's for a birthday gift, she told me. At the time I was busy setting up the business, sometimes 'friendship neglections' happened. I really do appreciate all my friends who have supported and keeping up with me and my business all this while. Whether they are just visiting the studio or purchasing any items offered. Thank you everyone, from the bottom of my heart!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Our official webstie www.adbagstudio.com is under a major construction. We are preparing and updating the website for a greater view and satisfaction. At the moment, all updates can be obtained from this blog. Thank you for your support!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Layla & Oska

Layla shoulder bag and Oska Pouch (padded), waiting for a new home.

B.O.X.Y pillows

These are our pillow line collections. Made exclusively from the imported lovely cotton prints for my lovely client and loyal customer - Any Melina. It is for her new home at Flora Damansara. She is proudly the first owner of these beautiful funky pillows. The little girl in the pix is beautiful Teera, her daughter. Pillow's price range is RM40 and above depending on the fabric and size.

New Line of FABulous FABrics!

This crispy - fresh cotton prints have just arrived from US. It took only a week plus to reach Malaysia from the date u placed your order. Very efficient I would say, bravo! The fabrics are so irresistable and i feel like to chew it!


This is a pelamin - a bridal suite - where the bride and groom will sit side by side after the solemnisation ceremony. This is common in Malay wedding and one of the important cultural feature / element in the wedding. I have got the chance to design one for our client, Pn. Hanim. The overall concept is natural,theme colour is purple + white. That is why I have chosen to decorate the whole look with fresh flowers like roses, lilies and to name a few. I also mix it with artificial garlands where she can reuse whenever necessary, crystal beads blind, and decorative glass candle holder. For the final touch, I laid as many jasmine petals as possible to brings out the fresh scent and aroma of the flowers.

In-sight of Javareka Ad

Text Color
Javareka Ad has officially been our first interior design-client for the year of 2007. Above pixs are the main office located on the first floor. The client is operating an advertising company and factory, so they want a white,open,light,colourful concept. What I did is all walls, tables & cabinets were in white. Bright colours are splashed from the chairs, doors and feature walls. The whole process from scratching the idea-space planning-execution, is so exciting and what makes me happy is that the client is SATISFIED and they enjoy working in the created environment!

Denim Day Bag

PRICE: RM88.00

In addition to my 2007 collections, I have designed a denim day bag where the size is approximately 14"W x 11"T x 4"D.

Very-very suitable for those who like to carry lots of stuff in their bags. You can even put your A5 size diary!

I use decorative metal chain and big 'O' ring for the strap to enhance the funkiness of denim.

WRIST-lets on the way!!!

New wristlets made from chinese brocades and cotton prints. lovely, lovely fabrics!! You can keep this cuties in your handbags to keep your cards, notes or make-ups. You can even wear it on its own. The bottom pix are the mini vinyl wallets / call card case with cotton print lining. the fabrics make it so refreshing!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


these bags are ready to go! those are teera bags with additional of adjustable strap. a doctor requested me to design these bags for her colleagues - a farewell gift, she said. i've tried my best to make it as unique and memorable as possible. she's happy!