Friday, November 10, 2006

p r o m o t e

this is a quickie. i need a bold, clear image for introduction of the company name and brand for akareka's new webby - for the time being, those pixs are pretty much the same from our web store with some added latest custom mades. took the shot with my nokia 6101 - a bit blurry but that's why i called it a quickie.

i need some motivations. i'm being a huge procrastinator for the past few weeks. i did so much thinking for the company's current and future plans and production have been quite slow. so much to think and i was drown in the sea of goals, ideas, plans, visions.... sigh.

advice anyone?

Friday, November 03, 2006

Wishing you a blessed Eid Mubarak!

Whoa, it's been 3 months I didn't post anything on the blog. I'm preoccupied with studio stuff - designing, sewing, office management and some freelance jobs. But it wasn't an excuse! I hope it is still early to wish all the muslims in the world Happy Eid Fitr or Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.
Pixs shown were some of the latest pick-ups for my customers. More new things coming up and I promise to post it for viewing. Akareka Design is in the planning to do some makeover for the whole studio. We're gonna produce and stock up more ready-made bags (in standard design), accessories and more surprises for our beloved customers. Just need a lil bit of time to manage all of those items. Hang in there and wish us luck!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Unique Class & First Appearance

my first creation after 2X attended Nikki's class

Me (white scarf) with Nikki (specky) & the gals
Coudroy Day Bag - my first public appearance in Autumn 2004

Proud owner, Laily smiling with her new classy gear.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Tell Me A Story About Handbags

I love sewing. Mom thought me to sew when I was in primary school and excited to watch her making our (my siblings and I) baju kurung. From there, I watched and learned how to use the ever-SINGER sewing machine and some of the traditional needle works/techniques. Mom even thought me to knit. I realized that I was the only daughter who inherits her sewing passion. Lucky me!

mama smiling with her little grandson, baby mikael (my #1 nephew)

My passion in making handmade handbags started when I was studying abroad. Specifically, when I was in Melbourne. I went to some of the flea markets, arts & craft markets, concept stores (oh, they have a lot of this independent stores which I adore so much! I want one someday ;) ) I noticed taht they really appreciate handmade stuff, especially handbags. They were so beautiful and nicely handcrafted.I know that I have the talent and skill gifted so I made an effort, where almost everyday I would visit my fav shop along the Chapel St. - Handworks, Lin's Craft, & many more that I could not remember their names. I can get almost any handcraft supplies easily with so many varieties that I couldnt get in my hometown. There was a short course (making bags & purses) advertised at Uni. It was quite pricey but I really wanted to go. So, the key was - SAVE UP!!!

On my second year of studies, with enough money in hands, I have registered myself in the course. I met Nikki - the ever funky-cool tutor, Vanessa, Sasha, Gabrielle, Nina and a few others. During the course Nikki tought us the fundamental of handbags, what-why-who-when-how people use/make bags, the anatomy & construction of handbags, embellishment and many more. 7 weeks seemed so short to learn everything. Anyway, after I got my certificate I started to brush up my newly picked up skill. I made a few trial and error handbags, studying the technique and process of constructing the bags - most of the tiny nitty things, you've got to experience yourself. Fabrics hunting is totally my lifetime soul & subtle theraphy. I love hunting for vintage fabrics, laces, buttons, cotton prints, upholstery fabrics, and any kinds of handcraft supplies. Love it, love it, love it!
After a while, my dear friend, Laily asked me to make her a work bag. She wanted to put all her Uni stuff (books, files, wallet, keys, handphones, etc). So, began the brainstorming design session, fabrics selection, the mix & match...I love the whole process of designing and making handbags. Your days are filled with colours, imagination, skills sharpening. Need I say more? In short, Laily's bag has officially been my first public appearance and fortunately, it doesn't stop there.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Welcome People!

Akareka Design is established in January 2006. It is a design based company which purely and humbly concentrating in designing (interior + furniture + handbags + homewares), sewing, mix-matching and all sorts of heARTful creative business. I am writing here as the owner & founder of the company. Having AKAREKA is like having a first born (though I do not own any child, yet) and learning to raise her the very best you could. I poured so much of my love, strength, energy, knowledge & effort that I could for the company because I know...someday she is going to hit the WORLD miraculously. Oh how I wish! (insya-allah).

I graduated from the National Institute of Design @ Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne in 2004. Upon graduating, I came back home...(I love Malaysia) and jobless for a while. be exact about 2 months. After that, I got a job in an established interior design firm in PJ. It was a great opportunity and exposure for me when I was working there. Got to handle few jobs with the supervision of my senior designers. Learned quite a lot of things, tips, tactics, and the 'real' design industry there. My ex-colleagues were friendly, funny, crazy and great to be with. Miss them sometimes. But, I am not destined to be there long enough. Other greater opportunity came along that I could not....could not reject for as long as I live. Quitting my day job meaning no more fixed income and you just got is the IN THING (if you know what I mean). I DONT CARE!

My husband and family are very supportive in my decision to quit my job and starting my own business. In fact, they are my $$$oul provider and my councellors (my dad & hubby are also businessmen) when I am still crawling up the stairs, establishing Akareka. I wouldn't be around if they are not around. I never regretted my decision and right this moment, I am sharpening my entrepreneur skill and all other survivor skills in sewing, administrating, webmastering, marketing, and anything that I could grab along the way. My working environment is surrounded by the people I love and doing things that I am passionate about. What else do you need, people?