Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thank You!

Terima kasih . Thank you . Rumba nandri . Shukran gazilan . Doh je . Dank U . Ta . Dankschen . Ang kêun . Domo arigato . Salamat po

We had a blast during the weekend! Crowds were great and tremendously supportive. Our first appearance to the public, I would say a love at first sight - sweeeeettt and memorable... :)

I love you guys for all the suggestions and ideas given. The amusement we received were overwhelming. Yup, that's kinda drive I need to make me move forward and improvise.

To the new proud owner of FUNKOOLICIOUS products, care it with love.
To my new friends and acquaintances, nice meeting you!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A:Fair Weekend

Salam and good day everyone!

Listen hear, listen very carefully my dear supporters, fans, family and friends....

Akareka Design will be participating in a A:FAIR WEEKEND BAZAAR on the 28th - 29th March 2009, this coming Saturday and Sunday. The event will be held at SOHO KL @ Solaris Mont Kiara from 12pm - 12am, both days! Whoa, it's going to be exciting!

Map to Soho KL

We'll be selling handbags, of course and plus, in conjuction with the Earth Day, I have came up with some specialty products for sale! Want to know what I'll be selling???


Come down, spread the news and join us. Our location is at:

Zone Booth B

Shop No.: B1

Shop name: Funkoolicious
Please come and join the excitement, support our local sellers and the most important thing,
See ya!
*Pictures are credit to www.afairweekend.com. For more information please visit their website.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Ok friends, as promised I have new fabrics in line for you. Feel free to browse and take a good look at the prints. Fabrics are 100% cotton. Quantity of the fabrics are quite limited. For clearer view, click!

Read below:
Fabrics No. 34 - 38 - Each piece is 20" x 20" only (fat quarter). Suitable for mini bags.
Fabrics No. 39 - 47 - 1 yard and above. Suitable for small and large bags.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Laptop Sleeve

Here comes your saviour! A laptop sleeve to keep your lappy-your closest companion nicely tuck in a cushiony funky cover. Choose from our vast fabric selections, and give us the dimension (width x length x thick). Velcro is used for the closure. Give us sometime to stitch it for you and voila!...ready.. :)

I don't have any ready stocks coz laptop comes in various sizes. If you want one, gimme the details listed above, okay!

Price: RM45.00
Stock: Made to Order

*Important notes:
1" allowance will be given for every dimension given by the customer . If the finished product doesn't fit your laptop, most probably the dimension given is wrong. No replacement will be entertained. New order at your own expense.


She's a simple, beautiful sack to carry your shoes or lingerie whenever you're travelling. She can also be whatever you want her to be. She's Lolita!

Above pictures are made from elegant batik prints in vibrant colours. Below picture is mine. Example of how we can varies the look of Lolita... :)

She measures:
Length 14.5"
Width 10"
Flat piece with cord

Price: RM16.00
Stock: Made to order

*Pictures taken using mobile phone. Apologise for the bluriness.

Thursday, March 05, 2009


New fabrics updated! No 30 and 33 are from IKEA, Thick upholstery type of fabric. No 31 also from IKEA, a bit thinner than no 30 and 33 but suitable for any bags or upholstery projects. No 32 - Army Camouflage is quite special because I bought it during my trip at Bandung. Thick and sturdy for any sewing projects. Hurry, quantity (yardage) is limited!!

For more fabrics selections please click me!

Sunday, March 01, 2009


Qarin as a sling bag
Qarin as a shoulder bag

Qarin is a messenger bag. Suitable to for your everyday use, be it for school, college, office, or casual. Ample room to fit in your documents, laptop! (wow :o) and your personal belongings (wallet, make up bag, etc). I also provided 4 pockets, 2 outside and 2 inside for your convenience. The unique feature of Qarin is that, it's adjustable strap. You can wear it as a sling bag or adjust it as your normal shoulder bag. The flap is nicely decorated with cute poppies to give it an extra splashy look! (Flap design or embellishment is up to me or by request)

Qarin's Specifications

Material: - 100% crispy cotton / Interfacing for sturdiness
Size: 12" width x 10" height x 2" depth, strap is 60" length (adjustable)
Closure: Magnetic Clasp

Price: RM 105.00
Stock: Made to order

Surprise awaits for those who order from March to April...hurry!!

* It is advisable to cover your laptop with a padded laptop sleeve for security. Any damages I will not be responsible... :p