Monday, July 02, 2007

M for M I K A E L

This is Mikel's 1st birthday prezzie from Mak Ngah + Pak Ngah (that's what he called me & hubby)

This is Mikel, cleaning up my studio during his visit last week.

This is my little-man posing for the shot after cleaning up the studio. He managed to scattered the paper clips and used sardine cans all around the place. Missed the shot!


Arin said...

aiyooo..lama nye blog nih bersarang...update le...btw..kaka rin ader antar email regarding spa @ ur hotmail..

Anonymous said...

hai Yana,
really love ur bags!!!:)
dont worry.. akan pegi ke akareka dgn kakngah cik midah. hehehe

p/s muacchh to mikael
dah 1thn? wuarghh auntie roxa tak jumpa lagi. makngah Yana dapat anak sedara baru, mukhriz. COngratulations!
send my warm regards to ur family +along+izal