Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Akareka Design Returns!

Hi everyone!

To the faithfull readers - thank you for keep on visiting this blog eventhough there was nothing new, praying it would be updated.

'just-click-this-page' surfer - welcome to my blog cum shoplog.

Last two years were quite hectic for me, juggling with new ventures and experiences, therefore I was like abandoning or to be more precise, ignoring the existance of this blog for a while. I couldn't commit myself to constantly updating this blog. Just when I had the time to update it, something else MAJOR took me away from my initial intention. Nways, good to be here again. One of my 2009/1430 resolutions are to commit to my blog and productions of Akareka Design.

Insya Allah, this year would be a greater, blessfull and properous year for Akareka Design, Javareka Ad, my husband and I, my families, my friends and to you - the readers.
I'm back on my seat!

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