Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thank You!

Terima kasih . Thank you . Rumba nandri . Shukran gazilan . Doh je . Dank U . Ta . Dankschen . Ang kêun . Domo arigato . Salamat po

We had a blast during the weekend! Crowds were great and tremendously supportive. Our first appearance to the public, I would say a love at first sight - sweeeeettt and memorable... :)

I love you guys for all the suggestions and ideas given. The amusement we received were overwhelming. Yup, that's kinda drive I need to make me move forward and improvise.

To the new proud owner of FUNKOOLICIOUS products, care it with love.
To my new friends and acquaintances, nice meeting you!


Syigim said...

bestnye!!!!! i wish i could be there!!! xsaba nk own one of those funky bags! :)))

Arin said...

cool..maap le tak dapat menjengah last weekend..hopefully tis sunday..
p/s: kot nak buat flyers murah2 tapi quality tip top, buzz me..