Friday, November 10, 2006

p r o m o t e

this is a quickie. i need a bold, clear image for introduction of the company name and brand for akareka's new webby - for the time being, those pixs are pretty much the same from our web store with some added latest custom mades. took the shot with my nokia 6101 - a bit blurry but that's why i called it a quickie.

i need some motivations. i'm being a huge procrastinator for the past few weeks. i did so much thinking for the company's current and future plans and production have been quite slow. so much to think and i was drown in the sea of goals, ideas, plans, visions.... sigh.

advice anyone?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

liyana...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kak syigim ni! just read ur comment on my fotopages (yg dah taken over by baby khaleef hihihihih) rindunye! dah beranak pinak ke??? kasi la update! kak syigim tunjuk member kak syigim ur website. cantiknyeeeeeeee bag2....tgk la kalo ade dinner kak syigim nak order clutch! kasi best price tau! ok keep in touch. love always muah!