Wednesday, April 18, 2007

miss N O N A

My dear friend Nona ordered this Teera Bag. She came to the studio yesterday night to pick up her order. It's for a birthday gift, she told me. At the time I was busy setting up the business, sometimes 'friendship neglections' happened. I really do appreciate all my friends who have supported and keeping up with me and my business all this while. Whether they are just visiting the studio or purchasing any items offered. Thank you everyone, from the bottom of my heart!


Anonymous said...

hehhee...thank u much soo for ur help...sib bek ader ko..aku pun tak tau nk bg aper sebenarnyer..
after aku bg tu ko tau dia mintak apa?..dia nak jersey chelsea!!..den kz kata ngada2..wakkaakakaka....wei pas ni aku nak mintak tolong lmbt gie..surprise..tunggu..ko leh buat punyer aku tau..

Anonymous said...

hahahha betui weii aku nak tshirt chelsea dia tknak dia kasi beg ko ni...
cunn beg ni tqs nonot...hehehehe howeva tqs for da bag nonot...luv u muah..