Saturday, May 12, 2007

It's Eita Clutch

These are Eita Clutches. They are freshly out from the machine and ready to meet their new owner, Ms mutual friend since high school. I think she wants to give those to her mother as Mother's Day gift. Hmm...what do we do without mum? She's the wall for us to lean against, pillow / mattress for us to lay our body so comfortably, her cushiony shoulder is so broad for us to cry on, her wisdom words are so magical and somehow has a supernatural power, her pure clean face soothe our hectic and stressful days, her coarse hands are so soft when she touches our face and we find solace in life is so blessed with 3 mama, mak (mother-in-law), and mak bibi (godmother). I am indebted with their love and kindness, long live to them and may Allah SWT bless them!

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