Monday, April 13, 2009

30th Anniversary

Something special for the guests

Mini Vinyl Wallet - For the men

Mini Weda Pouch - For the ladies

Mini Weda Pouch - For the ladies

Mini Weda Pouch with strap - for the little girls

Alhamdulillah, may Allah SWT bless Mama and Babah and all of us.
Today is my parents' 30th Anniversary. Yesterday was the celebration. We managed to gather all our family members and my parents' close friends at Seri Angkasa Restaurant, KL Tower for a hefty-hearty-delicious luncheon and get-together session. About 60 people were there.
Surrounded by our loved ones, seeing each other once a while with so much to talk about, hilarious laughter, kids screaming chasing each other from one end to another was the perfect sounds, in such a cosy ambience. Right up 250m above sea level, witnessed all.
Eagerly waiting for our dedicated photography team - FotoPhactory to hand us the captured moments. Mean patient.
p/s: thanx a lot Yannie for burning the midnight oil together with me ;)


Syigim said...

:) congrats....real sweet.......

Liyana Noor Azmi said...

thanx kak was real sweet!

Mademoiselle Ayu said...

Mini weda pouch tu sempena nama weda eh liyana? Sgt2 comel la suma product u. :)

Liyana Noor Azmi said...

iye cik ayu, weda kan chumelsss... ;p

Wahida Yaakub said...

mekasih kerana endorse kechomelan saya.

apakah perasaan anda tentang gambar-gambar semua?

yana, camera strap aku tu asal tah ada comot. macam kena cake icing. rasa macam kena cover dengan strap la. kan. :D

Liyana Noor Azmi said...

gats kan weda...tunggu diam2 boleh tak??? ;p