Thursday, February 19, 2009


It's ready! It's ALYA the prayer bag cum prayer mat. Very suitable for all the muslimahs out there to keep their praying clothes (telekung) and it acts as a mini praying mat. The width and length is enough to sujud (lay your forehead on the padded texture). The paisley prints are vibrant and yet, another charming element is the crocheted keychain, and lovely laces, just to spice up the overall outlook.

These lovelies are ready to be handovered to a wonderful owner, kak Tina!

She measures:
15.5" width

11" height (when zipped)

22" height/length (when unzipped)

10" straps

zipper closure all around

Price: RM45.00

Stock: Made to order

p/s: ALYA can also be switched into a diaper bag (adding extra internal pockets) or baby changing mat. Creativity is the key!

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