Thursday, February 05, 2009


A friend of mine, Pyan once approached me to design a funky and stylish and functional camera strap. He's been eyeing for it for quite sometime and only now I have the space and time to do it. I realised the blossoming of photographers in Malaysia are very very rapid and incredibly intense. Most of them are very good espcially to all my dear good friends who are shooters themselves - (Weda, Hafiz, Jipie, Pyan and to name a few). So, here what I can offer to all the funky and creative photographers out there, that you can come out and shoot the masterpiece with a nice-kool-attractive-cosy strap on your neck.
Above pictures are the camera strap in cotton print and denim. It is a slot-in type. Size may vary for different type of cameras. It can be padded for extra comfort.
Price: RM 18.00
Stock: by order (soon I'll have ready stocks depending on the demand)
This is my first attempt. I need comments and feed back from those who are interested.
New designs will be coming out soon. Stay tune!


Mohd Abdillah said...

baru nak tanya pasal kamera bag, tgk2 strap kamera dah kluar.

i think the strap - at the neck area should be slightly bigger (in width) and should be padded, for comfort.
and also it should have some non-slippery materials so that kalau tgh gantung kamera, the strap cant move easily around the neck/collar.
and how's the connection to the camera will be?

Do you do camera bag as well?
Something like Omera Hobo but longer strap and more 'masculine', maybe?

Liyana Noor Azmi said...

yeay, thanx 4 the constructive comments dollah!

yup, the camera strap should be wider, dah test on my dad's slr. ketat sket nak masukkan, and should be padded. camera bag coming soon. tgh study mcm mana nak construct....thx heaps.

comment lagi k...

Arin said...

liyana, if yana dah sihat, i would like to order strap nih..tq dear..

Liyana Noor Azmi said...

sure kak arin. no problem. will let u know once i'm healthy enuff k...