Monday, February 02, 2009


Meet Omera. She's big-chubby-vibrant-happy and funky! This is my latest creation and a new member of funkoolicious collections. I seriously in need of a huge bag where I can throw every 'rubbish' inside. To many women, huge bags are necessary. My bags are never light, always heavy and heavier. God knows what's inside... am also being very generous to provide two compartments / pockets inside the bag, one is for mobile phones (nowadays, people have more than one) and another is with zipper for your important stuff such as keys, or notes. Nway, hope this latest design will catch your fancy. Omera is made of 100% crispy cotton prints and a piece of Sheridan remnant I bought long time ago in Melbourne. Strengthen with interfacing for sturdiness.

She measures :
Upper width 18"
Bottom width 12"
Depth 12"
Strap 22" corded rouleaux
Closure 14" zipper

You can highlight the bag with your favourite scarves or ribbons. Surely a head turn when you walk around the town!

Price: RM180.00
Stock: by order
Extra embellishment / notions (crochet brooch, ribbons, buttons, pockets and magnetic clasp):
+ RM5.00 and above

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