Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm on leave

Salam, and good day peeps! I'm on medical leave, just had a mini lap and cystectomy operation on the 11th Feb. Production will discontinue for a while until I'm a bit stronger to hit the machine. My hands can still stitch simple handsewn stuff, though. Can't wait to get back to work. Please pray for my recovery and my hubby & I really hope this will be a great start for us to have a lil one. Thank you for your supports! Insya Allah.


Syigim said...

kak syigim doakan here's a start for lots and lotsa babies!!!! ;) bila tgh2 jahit2 diaper bag kak syigim tu..tup tup you need one for urself! insyaAllah..

Liyana Noor Azmi said...

yeah, I am desperately hoping it will come true. Insya Allah!